Pandemic Spring

Pandemic Spring is a visual diary of the Coronavirus pandemic, inspired by the contrast between the grim record of coronavirus cases and deaths and the beautiful, life-affirming signs of spring everywhere in nature.

Each work consists of a watercolour & pencil drawing (and a few collages)  on top of an A4 printout of graphs showing total confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in 8 countries on the day of the drawing. 

The source of the graphs was (now offline) which used data from John Hopkins CSSE

All the way through April Alke did daily drawings as part of 12o Collective's 30Works30Days challenge. She then continued the diary on a weekly basis until 21 June, the first day of summer. 

The full Pandemic Spring diary  will be exhibited at PontArte Gallery, Maastricht from 7 November to 6 December 2020, alongside with Alke's earlier visual diary,  Birds of America  (2010/12)

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