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Texiles and needlework have always been part of Alke's art practice. In the works in this gallery, embroidery takes centre stage. 

The  HEALING project was initially inspired by learning  about neuroplasticity and how embroidery not only feels therapeutic, but can physically change the brain. Then it turned into a meditation about our entanglement with plants and soil within the eternal cycle of life on earth. Plants feed us, they can heal our bodies and nourish our souls; some  can kill us. And when we die our bodies become nutrients for plants, via an untold number of micro- and not so micro organisms. 

With this circularity in mind, each piece in this project is reversible  - there is no ‘right’ side up. More detail images of the Healing works can be found in the News section.


Other text-based works respond, in the tradition of craftivism, to issues of the day.

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