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My HEALING project was initially inspired by reading about neuroplasticity and experiencing the therapeutic effects of embroidery. Then it turned into a meditation about our entanglement with plants and soil within the eternal cycle of life on earth. Plants feed us, they can heal our bodies and nourish our souls; sometimes they can kill us. And when we die our bodies become nutrients for plants, via an untold number of micro- and not so micro organisms.

HEALING I-VI embroidery and transfer print on linen table placemats, 36.5 x 46.5 cm

NATURE VIVANTE: collage on paper, 21 x 28 cm

FRAZZLED and CALM: embroidery and transfer print on old pillow cases, private collection

WTF: embroidery on patchwork of old tea towels, 62 x 80 cm

The transfer prints featuring in the works are images from an MRI scan of my brain, done as part of the medical investigations into what turned out to be Long Covid.

I got drawn to embroidery because it is something I am able to do while I recover my health and also because of its calming, meditative effect. I've become very interested in neuroplasticity because an important part of my recovery is to "rewire" the dysfunctions in my autonomous nervous system. The therapeutic effects of needlework have been known for a long time and thanks to modern imaging technology we can now see that it can actually change the brain.


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