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Charity Art Auction!

I have donated 3 works to this art auction, including a brand new embroidery piece.

100% of proceeds will go to Care4Calais and the Refugee Community Kitchen.  

In the current political climate it feels more important than ever to support these organisations that help refugees stranded at the North coast of France without food or shelter.

Bidding is now open!

Email your bids to

See full flyer at the end of this post for details of exhibition, which is now open, and auction catalogue.

Here's images of my works in the auction:

Lot # 68: The Right They Don't Want You to Know About, embroidery on vintage napkin, 45 x 46 cm

Walthamstow resident Trudi Warner is facing trial for contempt of court for holding up a sign with these words outside Inner London Crown Court on a day when a case against climate activists was heard. The sign refers to an important Common Law principle dating back to 1670, also celebrated in a famous commemorative plaque in the Old Bailey. 

The Solicitor General’s decision to prosecute Ms Warner smacks of intimidation. It also suggests a government desperate for climate protesters not to be acquitted, and for the right of juries to go against the judge’s direction not to be more widely known.

Lot # 54: Ghost Herons, oil on canvas, 70 x45 cm

Lot #53: On the Green, ink and chacoal on paper, 33 x 45 cm incl. frame

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