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Tipping Point Exhibition, 10-19 May

I am delighted to be showing work in THE TIPPING POINT at Bell House this May as part of the Dulwich festival.

PV: 10 May 6 to 8pm, all welcome

Exhibition open: 11/12 and 18/19 May,

11am to 6pm

Curators’ tour: 16 May 7-9 pm, free, book here

Hosted by Kim Thornton , more than 40 artists in six individually curated spaces will explore different aspects of the theme The Tipping Point - Magical or Malevolent ?

My work will be in the rooms curated by Sarah Sparkes and Jane Millar:


Landing and Gowan Room, upstairs at Bell House

Artists: Jonathan Callan, Chudamani Clowes, Sarah Doyle, Lydia Julien, Marq Kearey, David Leapman, Yair Meshoulam, Jane Millar, Stephen Nelson, Victoria Rance, Alke Schmidt, Lex Shute, Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson, Sarah Sparkes, Sara Trillo, Marianne Walker, Alice Wilson

Inspired by Octavia Butler’s dystopian novel, ‘Parable of the Sower’, the curators invited artists exploring a new awareness of change and exchange, a constant shifting of strange identities, the malleability of being, interspecies communication and the strength and vulnerability of community. They are imagining new ways to merge; ways to intelligently and sensually live in the flux of a perpetual tipping point.


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