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"A Man of Consequences" in the Arkwright Society's Collection

Alke Schmidt, A Man of Consequences; oil, mica and graphite powder on toile de jouy (detail)

Alke's Cromford Mills-inspired painting, "A Man of Consequences", is now in the permanent collection of the Arkwright Society, thanks to a gift by a private buyer who purchased the painting at the launch of the Tangled Yarns exhibition at Cromford Mills last autumn. The painting is on display in the lobby of Cromford Mill's brand new World Heritage Gateway Centre.

Above: The unveiling of the " Man of Consequences" by the Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire, William Tucker, during the celebration to mark the opening of Cromford Mill's new World Heritage Gateway Centre, with John Rivers, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Arkwright Society, looking on. Below: The painting on display in the lobby of the Heritage Gateway Centre.

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