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New commission for Salts Mill to be exhibited from 5 May 2018

Alke Schmidt work in progress (detail)

The Work of Salts (2018), oil and acrylic on cotton, 280 x 135 cm

I've been busy working on my largest ever painting, a piece inspired by Salts Mill and its extraordinary history. The painting will be exhibited at Salts Mill from 5 May, in time for the Saltaire Arts Trail, 5-7 May (Bank holiday weekend). This site-specific commission is the final piece of my Wonder and Dread project in Bradford. I'm really excited about it - now I just need to get it finished on time! On Sunday 6 May at 3 PM I'll be giving a talk about my work at Salts Mill.

Saltaire Arts Trail is a perfect occasion for a visit to Bradford and Saltaire: Explore the Trail, check out my Wonder and Dread exhibition at Bradford Industrial Museum, visit Bradford and/or Leeds, take a walk in the idyllic countryside right outside Saltaire and around Bradford ... there's loads to see and do!

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